Elementary Printables

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My Work Responsibility Daily List

Hierarchy of Numbers Cards
Large Bead Frame/Flat Bead Frame Equations - from quantity only to static addition through dynamic multiplication with three digit multipliers (This file does not include division.) - the PDF format shrinks the file slightly...so the alignment of all the equations is slightly different on each label. If you are seriously nit-picky like me, e-mail me (abbieipark(at)gmail(dot)com) and I'll send you the Word doc. Google Drive changes the formatting in a terrible way, so I couldn't post the original file. (12-5-13)
Multiplication Fact Magnets - 1X1 through 10X12 (12-5-13)

Story Card - Who What When Where Why
Spelling Lists 1-74 TeacherMaster
Farm Noun Article Adjective Cards
Alpha-Order Lego Ninjago Cards
Alpha-Order Lego Chima Cards
Alpha-Order Lego Heroica Cards
Alpha-Order Disney Cars Cards
Alpha-Order Flower Cards
Daily Hunt Cards - List Writing
Describe This Card - EET compatible
Comic Strip Book Report
Compound Words - Match The Root Words - Cursive
Compound Words - Separate the Root Words - Cursive
Compound Words - Match the Root Words - Print
Compound Words - Separate the Root Words - Print
Noun Environment Labels for the Home - Cursive
Noun Environment Labels for the Home - Print
Noun Family Printable - Noun Mama, Adjective Son, Article Daughter - you color, or already colored in
Adjective Environment Labels for the Home - Cursive
Adjective Environment Labels for the Home - Print
Adjective Grammar Box Cards CVC for 3-1 and 3-2 - traditional grammar box colors

Country Report Sheet - Lower El
State Report Sheet - Lower El
International Monument Picture Printable
International Monument Name Labels
International Monument Fact Labels
Latitude and Longitude Cards - for city location game (covers 6 continents)

Divider Picture Labels Bot/Zoo Nomenclature
Living vs NonLiving Classification Cards
Living vs. NonLiving MRSGREF
Science Activity Cards 1 - Make a Volcano, Sprouting Seeds w/o Soil, Floating and Sinking Heavy Objects
Science Activity Cards 2 - Changing a Vegetable's Color, Reading Invisible Ink, Floating and Sinking Eggs
Science Activity Cards 3 - Oxidizing Fruit, Growing Plants w/o Soil, Detecting Starch in Food
Science Activity Cards 4 - Absorbing and Reflecting Heat, Comparing Sun and Shade Temperatures, Timeline of the Universe
Elementary Animal Story Cards