Monday, May 15, 2017

Growing, Growing, New Flute!

S is 9 years old and finishing up her second year of flute study. She is rounding out Suzuki Flute book 4, and will likely finish this in the next couple of months. She also uses Trevor Wye's Complete Daily Exercises for the Flute: Essential Practice Material for Intermediate to Advance Flautists for tone and fingering exercises

S just picked out a new flute. She picked an Azumi AZ3. We received three flutes in the mail to try out: a Sonari, a Di Zhao, and the Azumi. Her first flute was an Azumi, so it was no surprise to everyone that she picked this one.
S is sooo excited to have a new flute. Her mom is still having sticker shock. (I am probably going to have heart problems in a few years when we may need to upgrade again.)
I like this shot because her right hand gives away her age, and her level. So cute, those baby fingers!
We also did some glamor shots today, the day before it is supposed to rain for six days. I plan to print a couple and hang them around the house.
This is a shot from our last flute-photo session a couple of years ago.

This time we went for a more mature look, since she IS 9 now! Children grow and they don't stop. Here is to many more years of flute!

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