Thursday, February 23, 2017

Stamp Game Division, a Dog House, Flute, Flowers, and Lacrosse

Where does the time go? It has been over a month since I last updated this space. Hopefully these next three rather brief posts will highlight the major recent events.
D is done with stamp game division. I think that this happened about a month ago. For the moment we are in a math holding pattern and he is working hard in other areas (like using up my dry erase markers to make stick figure stories on the white board we use for All About Spelling tiles.)

I made problem cards through triple digit divisors. Here he divided 4,680 stamps among 312 skittles. The red skittles stand as centurion soldiers and represent 100. The blue skittle is a decurion and represents 10 and the green skittle is a unit foot soldier and represents only himself, one. He gave out his thousand stamps first to his centurions and the hundreds to the decurion and tens to his unit guys. When he ran out of thousands to give each centurions one he exchanged what he had left and have each centurion a hundred stamp, each decurion a tens stamp and each foot soldier a unit stamp. Then he counted up how much one foot soldier received, and it received 15.
Sometimes working through all the problem tickets was heavy stuff.
But he was happy that he completed this work and now we go on to elementary math. Okay, not really, I think that we have a bit to do in the way of fractions first. 
This is Chase. He is a wolf stuffed animal we purchased at the Native American History Museum in Washington D.C. about 4 years go. Recently I did a bit of surgery on Chase and re-stuffed his neck and his legs. Chase, unfortunately, has developed cataracts from being dropped on the wood flooring and his tail has needed some reattaching after he was pulled out from under someone suddenly. But he is very much still a favorite.
Chase recently got a new dog house.
D drew up the design, I did the cutting and D did the gluing, and the painting. That is "blankie" on top of his house in case he needs some extra insulation, since it is 90 degrees outside here today.
S is now about 1 1/2 years in flute age. She is working on vibrato and dynamics. I am working to find a longer flute for a still very small person. Her music has outgrown this beginner flute, but her body hasn't yet grown into a regular length flute. Somewhere there must be a somewhat affordable intermediate option right?
And it is that season again. Juggling flute lesson and lacrosse game times, and my husband's travel schedule, but that is another story. T is a growing sprout and this year pretty much needed entirely new gear: new helmet, new gloves, and new elbow pads, and new expensive. We are still hanging on to the shoulder pads.
This his him "fake" throwing at me behind the camera. His throwing and catching is better, but not great. He says he likes it, and doesn't complain about team practice, or practicing in the back yard. But his enthusiasm and gusto on the field leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully once his team gets out there and starts to play a bit in a game situation, he'll buck up and help out his guys.
Meanwhile, you can see what is happening here in the background.
This little guys is pretty ambidextrous. We'll see if he even favors a side. He is wearing gloves because you always practice with gloves on. It is easier to handle the stick without gloves, but you'll never ever play without gloves on, so you better know how to do that fancy stick work with gloves on. Little D is also wearing a helmet to protect his big noggin because he is pretty accurate with the bounce back. That is that black vertical trampoline there on the right. You throw the ball to hit it, it will bounce back, and you catch it. It is like playing catch with yourself. Except little D can't really catch yet. So, when he throws the ball, it comes right straight back at him and hits him in the noggin. Native Americans started playing this sport with rocks and nets on sticks. Now, they use hard rubber balls with no give. It hurts when that thing hits you. So, D wears a helmet.

We ask little D if he'll play lacrosse like his hyung-a. He says, "no, I play soccer." I don't think that he really wants to get out there on the soccer field anytime soon, but we'll see.
And it is early spring here in the south. I've been hauling mulch, peat moss, and compost these past weeks and taking a lot of showers. S found this at Costco the other day. There are 24 bulbs in that bag, and she is beyond thrilled that she has to dig 24 holes out back.

We already potted up her amaryllis plants this year. She was gifted 4 bulbs over the last 4 years and a few made babies this year. So all together she potted 9. She is fortunate that her bedroom window faces south and has great exposure.
She was wondering where to put additional pots if another bulb were to make babies this year. She is certainly a proud gardener.

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