Friday, November 4, 2016

Growing Bacteria - Microbiology in 3rd Grade?

  S is my science girl. She loves, loves, loves all things that require gloves and goggles. We talked about how to prepare petri dishes and how to inoculate them with bacteria. We will be staining these samples and looking at them under the microscope as well. We will also be preparing some antibiotic test samples too. We talked about antibiotics, how bacteria can be beneficial and harmful to humans, and how to prevent and encourage the spread of bacteria. We talked about bacterial resistance and sensitivity, and then we got to work growing some bacteria. Or well, S got to work. The boys were talked out by then.
  S wrote down the steps in her notebook how to prepare the agar and petri dishes. Then we set to work re-hydrating our agar and preparing our petri dishes.

 If you want to learn how to do this, either look on YouTube, or go to Home Science Tools' website here for brief instructions.

 These are her inoculation diagrams illustrating the patterns she can use to ensure recognizable growth. (If you use the bacteria swab to create a recognizable geometric pattern on the agar petri dish, you can see what grows along that swab pattern. Spots of growth in other areas are likely from accidental bacteria that have flown into your dish.
And these are her inoculated dishes waiting incubation. I took one biology course during the course of my 19 years of schooling. Chemistry with all the redox reactions, organic hexanes, and physical entropy properties were more my thing; but, growing things like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, were not so much. Preparing these is petri dishes was an entirely new to if you really want to know the correct way to do any of this...please refer to a reliable source. 

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