Friday, August 5, 2016

Back To It!

Whew, it has been a summer filled with a bit of everything. It was/is a summer of the pool, the lacrosse field, the library (wow there are way more people there in the summer), airports (10 times and thank goodness for TSA pre-check), a new puppy (it does not reside in my home), CGS level 1 training (and writing about 70 album pages), the post office (got to know the people in our neighborhood while selling Montessori materials), and the garden (all experimental growing here in zone 8b.) And now we are back to it.
Since we are doing a soft-start this year, we are still doing a lot of this.  And we have dust. This is one of the reasons we chose to put in hard-wood floors everywhere. And this is one of the reasons we chose the washer that has an allergy steam setting. These plushies make regular over-night stays in our chest freezer to kill the dust mites. This isn't S's whole collection. I think that we have too many poly-made-in-china-spongy-dust-magnet-toys.
I like to say this is a soft start. We are reaching W---A---Y back and reviewing everything we can think of. I am keeping my expectations low and this is keeping my stress levels low too. 

D has already gone through the bead chains more than once. Here he is doing them again. Or one chain again. He and S have been working through their skip counting videos and it is obvious he is able to do these chains now with more ease. This is the cube chain of 4. Skip counting is like practicing multiples and helps the child with his/her times tables and offers a sensorial exploration of the quantity, which in this case is 4-cubed.

Does anyone know if there is a benefit or drawback to arranging the chain in this rainbow pattern? I like the linear pattern because it clearly depicts length, and how many beads to takes to make a cubed quantity relative to any other bead quantities. I think that D and S chose this arc pattern because it fit on their rug.

We are continuing with the Story of the World finishing the first volume, Ancient Times. We are about half way through so I imagine by Christmas or so I'll need to order the next volume. 

This is D's illustration and blurb about the chapter, Greece Gets Civilized Again (approx. 1100 B.C. - 600 B.C.)
This is S's illustration and narration.
This is T's narration.
T chose to pick up the decimal fraction sequence again. You can read more about this here. I went back to the beginning of the KotU album section and to start our review from there.
S chose to take out some cursive handwriting practice. We use the New American Cursive books.
And D is gaining much confidence reading. He is kind of following S, just picking up words and sounds he's never been taught and figuring it out on his own. I don't know how they do that.

Okay, apologies for the wonky pictures. My flash??? maybe needs new batteries, and maybe I need glasses when I am doing my post-editing. It looks like some are under-exposed and others are over-saturated. Next time they'll be better콜? More soon!

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