Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Then Summer!!

I am beginning to look at our summer schedule now and it seems that travel and camps have chopped up our June and July schedules. The odd times we have "off" don't coincide many activities other than a lot of relaxation and pool time. I would have loved to do school this summer, but I feel that a week and a half here and half a week there will not allow us to focus on topics with any depth. So with a May 31st end-of-school time-line I am wondering what we can accomplish. At this point I plan to pick up schooling again in August.
S is continuing her work with the racks and tubes. She just finished our card set for double digit divisors. Next, we'll work on problems with triple-digit divisors. S is super excited that she gets to work with the hundreds division board next. More on that later. For now, we are simply moving the beads and writing down only our quotient. Later we will calculate our distribution and partial remainders.

In the middle of doing her division, S took a break and checked D's addition strip board work. 
He finished booklet 1 in a single sitting.
 This is a post about S doing this work with a link to the printable booklet. And here is the post where I wrote more about this work. Wow, that was two years ago.
This is how proud D felt when he had finished booklet one, which reminds me that I need to print booklet two for him next.
D also did some more dot game. 

Okay, seriously? This is the only post I could find of us using the dot game. This can't be it, right?
 And then there was this...dry-erase...dry-erase = fun.
These are the last set of cards in the ETC money cards set. It is a HUGE set. And somehow I was dumb enough to think that ordering it not-laminated was a GOOD idea. Anyway, here T is going through the stack of cards, solving the problems, and then writing the answers on little sticky dots on the back of each card. He ended up finishing this entire stack in one sitting. I guess he can add and subtract coinage.

Speaking of ETC cards, we finally got the Complete Word Study card set for Lower Elementary. This time I had the mind to order it laminated. Goodness. There are more than 2,600 cards in this set.

I heard from a friend that it took her 10 hours to sort out this set of cards into all of it's sub-sets. Our set came very well shrink wrapped and well intact so the cards were in order. With the kids rubber-banding everything, it took us less than an hour to sort everything out. Right now "level 1" is on our shelves. It looks like a really, simple, fun word exploration activity. Each packet seems pretty quick to complete. I am hoping that this card set will help the kids review many of the word-study topics I've introduced using Cultivating Dharma presentations. It became apparent to me this testing season that the kids hadn't retained many of the topics we've covered so far.
This is one of the first packets that covers alphabetization.
Here S is investigating Claude Monet's style. She said that she really liked the colors he used. And then she said that Norman Rockwell was still her favorite.
 D did a bit of handwriting practice. My little lefty.
S and I reviewed nouns and articles. This time it was an easy review for her. At this point, I feel that there cannot be too much review. My kids seem to have brains like sieves much of the time. As you can see from her written responses here, we still have a lot of punctuation, and capitalization work to do.

And that is it for now! Stay tuned for more soon.

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  1. Ha! That Animalium book makes a great clipboard. My husband steals it for that purpose all the time (never mind that we have four clipboards in the school room).