Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Updates, Updates

We've been paused a little over here for spring break. I was able to take a really wonderful trip out of town...by myself...for the first time in 10 years. After my return S had a three day, all day, long retreat to ready for receiving first communion. And the boys just bumped around for a week, not knowing what to do with just each other.

We finally got back to school this week and this a bit of what else we have been doing.
Lacrosse practice out back. You can hear S's flute music in the background too. D is playing with a smaller stick called a fiddle stick. That loud *bang* you hear is T's ball hitting our bounce back. It is like a vertical trampoline and returns the ball to you. I also feel compelled to add that the reason he is missing all the return balls is partially because he is doing lefty throws and catches as a righty, and partially because he is paying attention to D and not paying attention to the ball. 

D hasn't had any instruction whatsoever getting ground balls. He is also wearing attire not appropriate for the sport. Hunter wellies aren't the best footwear for lacrosse. And he is using his subdominant hand for most of this video which is probably why he keeps dropping his ball. Oh well.
This is an older very short video of T doing his roll dodges with his dad. Okay, NOW watch the video and pay attention to the little man in the right corner. Hilarious right? 

And for all you Lax-Bros out there, no, T didn't execute the face dodge correctly with the defender on his right side. But, his shots on goal have gotten better in form since this video.
Watering, watering, watering. Yes, it is growing season here in the south. This isn't a good shot of what is actually out there. S planted somewhere near 100 bulbs this spring. She is eager to see what is coming up. That green stuff, that looks like Truman's hair, is parsley we transplanted last fall. I think we are going to have to harvest some soon!

And a bit of classroom time...

D can finally write his name and how he writes it on everything. So please disregard the blocked out parts of his writing boards that makes the entire shot look funny.

T is working mixed number worksheets in this shot. I got them here for those who are interested in a bit more "practice"or want a resource to turn into task cards or the like.
D has also been working on his multiples. He figured out that the square chain of 10 included multiples.
And if you give D a bead chain to count he'll want to take a picture when he is done.
S is 10 problems away from finishing her Daily Math Word Problems grade 2 book!

And a pic of S with her best-est friend at her church retreat last week!!
We'll be back soon!

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  1. Sounds like D is your little workaholic over there! We just finished school and start our break tomorrow! Woo hoo! Daddy's home!