Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still in Review

We are reviewing, and practicing and reviewing and practicing; reviewing what we already know and practicing new skills and the skills that we've forgotten. I hit the pause button and for now we are trying to recover that lost data that we compiled last school year. I am hoping that their brains are kind of like a computer and although it may seem that those files have been erased, they are actually still there if you know where to click to open. My fingers are crossed. 

We are also busy busy busy these days. I kind of miss last year when we did NOTHING. At this point last year we had just moved in and I was hauling box after box up to the second floor trying to set up our school room and unpack our house. This year we are in the car going here and there and trying to keep track of all the appointments we have coming up. 

Nevertheless, we have been doing school work. So here is a peek at what we've been up to.

 D did the hundred chain a couple of weeks ago. And he hasn't stopped counting ever since.
 Here he is using his green chalkboard to write his numbers.
He still needs a little refinement in this area. Sometimes our tens and units get reversed. But I hope that he'll figure it out in time as we continue to work with the category cards and keep on writing.
He used his number "chart" to help him do the 6 square bead chain. Here he laid out the tickets.
And he did the 5 chain. He says the numbers on the tickets when he finishes placing them.

 And we take a lot of pictures of our work on the kid camera.
 And we did the 4 chain too.
Here he is comparing the 4 square chain to the 4 square to make sure that they are equivalent.
I prefer that he touch each bead with his finger as he counts, but he likes to use the red plastic counter. And he uses the counter in his right hand. Arr. 

This is his "I am proud of me" smile.
We need a little help remembering the order in which we place our tens and units. I am very pleased with his form and handwriting, especially as a lefty. Somehow he doesn't end up smearing all of his numbers as he writes them.
He has also been writing sounds. Here he is fishing through the sandpaper letters to find that sound he needs.
I think that is a hand pointing to "it."
This one would translate as "you're it."
We also use the sandpaper letters to spell words.
And you could have guessed that D would come up with this.
And finally we are using the moveable alphabet too. 

Next time I will aim to have more bits about T and S and the review work they are doing.
D is participating in this picture but usually he makes it a point to NOT participate in anyway when his team is playing against another team.
S has been practicing and practicing and practicing her flute. This Sunday we sat in on a master class given by Robert Aitken. And this is a pic of S practicing her d-major scale under my office desk.
This is a very far away video of S at her tennis lesson. Here she was working on her foot work and not on her swing. She doesn't normally pop the ball up all over the place. 
And T has been working hard at his fall ball. He is really coming into his own and figuring out skills like this face-off stance. The coach here is a visiting coach from one of the local colleges and is showing the guys how to get the face-off ball out if there is a deadlock. T is generally pretty good at this skill. The last game he won 3 of 3 face-offs.

How is your school year going so far?
Stay tuned for more!


  1. Great post! Can't wait to see what the other kids are doing in school too :) S looks great with that racket. Whether or not they are popping up due to the footwork exercise, she IS returning everything! Love the pics of D with his chains...maybe he'll be the one to rock all of those math facts :) I never had those green boards. I spotted a little sponge cube in there! Just a tip, HWT has the kids erase the number or letter with the sponge as D is doing, but with the SAME hand they write with and in the same pattern with which it was written. It is a way to double the amount of practice writing the letter or number. Maybe it's just this one particular pic and a fluke but I see he's using the wrong hand because he didn't put his chalk down and he's started erasing in the middle of the number, not at the top. I know you are concerned about stuff like that which is why I mention it.

    Miss you!

  2. Aww, thanks. It was more of a hey, I haven't posted in forever..I wonder what I remembered to save in the camera, oh here are a lot of pics of D. I guess I'll post something quick so in 5 years I remember the highlights!!

    S has now decided that she doesn't know which hand she is in tennis. I'd personally prefer her to be lefty, but we'll see which she settles on. For now she, her coach and I are all confused. Last lesson she did a lefty forehand and a right-y forehand. The other dad I was with who's mom was a pro tennis player, said, "wow, she has two power forehands!" We'll see.

    Yes, the sponge is in the other hand. I think it is because he feels most comfortable with his left hand writing, and doesn't feel like switching to an eraser using that same left hand. He wasn't erasing the entire number, just a small portion so that he could fill it in more precisely. I think with him I am okay with him doing small erasing like this (I KNOW I am LETTING GO a bit!!) since he ALWAYS uses his left hand for writing and his form isn't that bad. Shaky, but legible. Thanks for pointing that out though. I didn't catch that bit.

    How are your boys? (Including the four-legged one! He got big!)