Friday, July 17, 2015

Everything Else!

These months have been filled with everything else. Literally.




(Sorry weird pictures. It was a different camera. Mine decided to bite the dust. Ugh.)

Tennis, don't have pictures.

Flute, don't have pictures again. 
We did Vacation Bible School at our church. I have no pictures of T or S and this is the only one of D that someone else took. (Do you sense a no camera-present trend here?)
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And I am training to be a Catechist through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. And...I have no pictures.

During all this running around I've had absolutely zero time to even think out anything Montessori. Okay, except maybe to contemplate about how she managed to introduce the Good Shepherd to all of her children. Goodness. Maybe after we return from the east coast, I'll have time to DO things again. Like clean my house, do laundry, water the plants, make dinner, and think about all the sensitive periods we are missing in our school room. The summer is going by so fast!!!

I hope that you are enjoying yours. Off to the pool.