Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Cultural Book Series for Primary

This is the book series I am using to supplement my primary cultural folders. I'd say these books are pretty perfect for primary. The text is super simple and the quality color pictures are large. The photos depict people of a variety of different cultures and there are a good number of pictures are of children. 

Here is a small peek INSIDE the books.

These are from the Our Global Community series. I got them from Amazon here. (Just look at the "what other people ordered with these books" section to find the other books in the series.) 

P.S. Okay, who convo-ed the Etsy shop chokkovintage about the vintage locks! I just received a sweet e-mail from the shop owner thanking me for sending a blog reader her way! Thank you, who ever you are, for thinking of supporting her.


  1. I enquired about the locks, but haven't bought any lol! And I have these books! Love them :-)

  2. That's it! I'm getting these books now! Thanks!