Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week 7 Part 1, December 1, 2014 and a little bit of last week thrown in

A lot has been happening behind the scenes here and school has largely taken a back burner to all of the rest of the action. I don't remember everything and all the anecdotes that went on last week, so I'll leave you with a slightly abbreviated post.

One of the funny things I do remember is a comment T made last week. I downloaded this classical music compilation and we play it regularly in the classroom when we are working. From time to time I pipe up with the name of the piece and the composer and I had mentioned the Flight of the Bumblebee sometime recently. T heard the piece cycle back around on the iPod and looked up and said, "Mommy, this is the mosquito!!" S had a really good laugh after that.

This week we are doing school this week, but next week we will be away. The following week I hope to post again and then we are gone until after the new year. We'll regain some normalcy soon. :) Hope you all are hanging in there this Christmas season!

D has worked a lot with the trinomial cube. He is able to construct it from a random collection inside the box now. This is a new lesson where we construct the cube outside the box. To make it a bit simpler, we've made "trains" of blocks and each "train" composes a single layer. After he constructs this cube, we can "split" the cube and see that the color and block pattern repeats throughout. He can already construct the binomial cube outside the box.

That is D's Chase Doggie and Blankie under him. These go EVERYWHERE with him. That blanket used to be white. 
These are some of the cards from our ETC Money study set. And these are the plastic coins I hate the came with the set. I have figured out that the little label slips and these square cards fit perfectly into those 4x6 photo boxes, which store nicely in their own box. The coins also fit into a single photo box as well.
I'll take a picture of the entire set when I get through all the laminating.
These are some of the geometric command cards from the ETC set. I like these. This particular subset was a little too easy for T.

A little puzzle making.
And some posing for the camera.
S is still doing her animals of different biome cards. We actually just got a new pencil set, still Prisma Premier (there is a difference between the different kinds of pencils, these are the softer waxy leads) but one with 48 color choices. S has been doing a lot of shading on her own since realizing that a lighter shade makes a lighter hue of that color and blending hues can get you to a different color all together. The new set will allow them to pay a little more attention to the detailed color and help her achieve just the hue she desires. (This reminds me of the graded color tab box 3!)

We need some penmanship lessons here. Goodness.

A little addition snake game. Here we are isolating the head and beginning memorize addition facts. I almost feel silly noting here that S hasn't done any of the memorization charts. This is the very beginning of this, but I still feel it remains to be seen if she will go through this sequence since she is almost 7 at this point. (And she can already do 10-buddies and skip count by 6s, 8s, and 9s very well.) 
This is just how little shelf space I have left in the classroom. S is pulling out the biome readers from the corner. The box comes with the complete set of biome readers, and it is all from Waseca.
D is doing a little botany cabinet here. He removes the piece, traces with his fingers, and lays it aside. then he picks up his writing utensil (in this case it is a sharpened dowel) and traces the inside of the inset. Then he replaces the cut out. This lesson practices pencil holding and later on leaf shape nomenclature.

The prerequisite to this lesson was the geometric cabinet, but D was positively NOT interested in that one, so we progressed with these lessons.

This is what we got with the geometric cabinet. "Arrr-matey!"
More money cards. This time T is doing little word problems on cards I haven't laminated yet. T is writing down his answers in his working notebook.

D and I did some more brown stairs "games" last week for extra practice. He likes the one where you hide a step and he has to figure out which one is missing.

A little more US state flag coloring for S.
Some sound objects for D. He is slowly, very slowly coming along with these. I'd say that he is 50% of the way there with initial sounds. I have no idea whether this is average for a child who is 3 1/2, but I figure that when we find that sweet spot, or the "sensitive period" as Maria Montessori would put it, he will just take off with the Dwyer sequence.
The boys started out at the table doing a little geometric solids work...
And then progressed to the floor. Wonderful.

Hope you have a great rest of the week! Gotta go finish wrapping presents!

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  1. Ahh yours end up rolling around on the floor too, huh? I should really lighten up about that stuff. What do I think I am? A Montessori teacher or something...haha. Looks like you guys are having fun! Good work :).

    Oh and funny you mention the classical music! We are on a huge music kick lately! I've spent WAY too much money on cds in the past few days!