Friday, May 16, 2014

Where We Are...May 16, 2014

This is where we were about two weeks ago. We received an offer to take a job in Texas and accepted it the next day. In four short days I packed everything in our home and we loaded them into moving cubes to be trucked down and put into storage for a month or so. This was the state of our classroom after I broke everything down. (Note: this doesn't include all that was in the storage room and the entryway.)

Now just two and a half weeks later the house is on the market and we are living near by with family temporarily. My husband starts his job on Monday and will fly to Texas Sunday to spend the week there before returning for the holiday weekend and some birthday celebrations.

We are looking at properties on the other end and contemplating our new school room. I doubt it will be as large and convenient as this one in Virginia, even though the properties out there are Texas-sized.

For now, we are waiting, making it through the weeks without daddy, relaxing a little bit, waiting to sell and then to rent, visiting friends, saying good byes, traveling a little bit to visit east-coast relatives, and getting ready for a very hot summer down south.

I'll keep you all posted. We expect at this point to fly sometime in June and I hope to be moved in very shortly after that. I can't wait to get "back to school."


  1. I hope all goes well! We have been in that same position, sort of, being in one place while Daddy was in transit (except we moved first, then he followed - leave it to the military to get everything backward! hahaha). I hope the time goes fast for you, you find a seller soon so you don't have an extra house to think about it, and you are able to transition well in to your new house. :)

  2. Abbie!! Lots of work, but I know everything its going to be ok!!! Hope as Amy says, you find a seller soon!! and I can't wait to see your new learning space!!! Blessings!!