Friday, April 25, 2014

Other Stuff, not Montessori

I've been blogging on and off for about 6 years now. I've blogged about sewing, home organization, crafting, charitable giving and Montessori homeschooling. Generally when I tackle things I like to get in deep. I like writing, sharing details, photography, and the whole notion of an on-line community. But there comes a point when I feel burned out from that "getting-in-deep." It usually happens around the spring and early summer for some reason. Maybe the new leaves and flower buds are speaking to me in their own secret language. Anyway, that itch to get away from the screen has hit me pretty hard this spring. T took his required test in January and passed. Since then I have been feeling that everything that we do now is just an extension of life learning.

So my update this week includes the following:

We visited with a high school friend of mine who was in town this week and went out for frozen yogurt. Well, her three girls and my three did the yogurt thing and she and I just talked and talked, and talked.

I messed up my pink sweat pants with white exterior gloss paint and I can't get the primer out of my fingernails or off my forearms for some reason.

S's Easter dress had so much glitter glued onto it she left a shiny trail where ever she went and that dress was put in a quarantine bag as soon as we got home.

I found a LIVE worm in the cod fish I was going to use for Korean fish stew. I screamed. My husband laughed. I didn't make the stew. And I didn't eat dinner that evening .
S's daffodils are finally in bloom. They are beautiful and she is so very proud of them.

D got is own little scooter and can ride pretty well. He rides the same way as S which makes me think that he'll be lefty.

Figured out, finally, that I like really sour kimchee, not fresh kimchee.

I've been pruning bushes, mulching, re-seeding the lawn, and pulling dandelion weeds in both my front and our neighbor's front landscape.
There is still so much to be done around here to get ready for spring time. I am enjoying getting outside more regularly, I hope you are too.


  1. I can commiserate with the glitter and fuss of a pretty dress! My oldest had one when she was [maybe] three, and it was a MESS. I loved it when it was on, and loved it even more once we took it off of her. I can also understand burn out, although I wish I could say I had the art of being able to make such beautiful flowers grow and keep up with them. One day, I'll be a gardener - maybe :) I have to admit to literally laughing out loud at the worm - in a sort of, out-of-the-box type of way - I would have screamed, too.

    1. Oh goodness that glitter is terrible. It was EVERYWHERE...even on the boys' faces...somehow.

      Oh, I am no gardener. All of the little seedlings I've started this year have told me that. It is S who is the gardener for sure. Her amaryllis, hyacinth, and daffodils are the ones that are doing well! She is so proud of her flowers. We built the bed out back just for her. She was so excited to get her own space to plant. If we ever get a house with a REAL landscape, we are going to need 10Xs the amount of growing room since she loves to plant pretty much everything. I think she would plant the whole neighborhood if she could.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting, I've been missing everyone on-line these past few weeks!

  2. HI Abbie! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you our stuff finally arrived in Madagascar and I am slowly putting the classroom together :) Rowan and Olive say hello!!!

    1. HI!! I am so glad to hear that! I hope that your transition over was as smooth as it could be and that you are settling in with the girls nicely! Keep in touch!