Thursday, February 27, 2014

More on-goings...February 24, 2014

We haven't been doing "school" this week. I just decided to take the first few days off, and then that turned into a relaxed week of Montessori Materials making and lots of snow play out of doors (and a ton of appointments.) It feels nice to have the teaching pressure off for a while and I can just prepare. 

This is some of what I've been doing all week...

Goodness!! I knew that I posted a ton of pictures here, but I didn't know that there were more than 1,900 on the blog.
Fraction charts!! There are just 19. (MBT has a great post about these charts here.) These charts are from the Keys of the Universe elementary math albums. I chose to use different colors than are in the albums...because these were the colors I could get at a regular-non-craft-store.

I used regular white poster board for the backing and I found that using a protractor and a ruler was much more helpful than tracing anything. I just made tiny cuts on either side of the line to get those completely-not-exact white spaces between each fraction piece, and I stuck each piece to the board back with double sided tape. (No glue-fingers here, and it will all be down flat when I laminate them.) Then I used a black sharpie for all the lettering, and I plan to contact-paper laminate them with my husband some evening after the kiddos are in bed.

This pesky material took me about three full days to complete. My husband was home because of snow one of these days so I got to work on them A LOT. I think it took a long time because I was very worried about alignment, at the poster edges, between each piece, between each text block, etc.

Nevertheless, they came out nice, I am happy. AND I am glad this project is DONE.

Before I even got in deep with the fraction chart project, I finished most of the physical geography album charts...I still need to put together a couple of working charts, but I still have some time, and the digital files are all cued up.

The charts that aren't shiny, I did in Sharpie pen and watercolor on watercolor paper. (I just invested in one of those huge pads of watercolor paper and cut each paper into four smaller chart-sized pieces. And I think I got 40% off price of the pad because it was on sale.) The ones that are shiny are laminated. I formatted the files to legal-size in a free desktop publishing program Scribus, printed them, and then had them laminated. (These charts are from the Keys of the Universe Message Board group) There are about 50 charts in the entire set, so not all of them are pictured here.

 Wow, some of these are terribly blurry...sorry!

What else did I do? I printed (to-be-laminated) legal sized renditions of all the Biology album charts (there were only 20 or so of these. I finally found a reasonable encyclopedia set. I printed, mounted, and cut one set of cards for the Interdependencies of Humans lesson from the Cultural Geography part of the album, and very quickly realized that I need to draft the other sets pronto. (T and I had a conversation equivalent to the entire first lesson just last night about the McCormick company and Old-Bay seasoning...his favorite.)  And I traced 225 hearts, cut out and hole punched 75 flower centers, traced 150 leaves, and baked and decorated a 1 1/2 dozen cupcakes for our homeschool gathering. Whew. Now, onto making timelines, a printed alphabet, history charts, and the "boards" for the bells. :) In a very small way, I am secretly glad that the making-doesn't end here.


  1. I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly, you used watercolor on the charts you printed? Were you able to put watercolor paper through your printer?

  2. I want to make sure i'm reading this right since they're tiny pics, you put 1/3+2/6=3/9 in the chart that should say 1/3+2/6+3/9=.....

    really beautiful charts.

    can I also ask what the dimensions of the charts were? We were told in training they need to be as big as possible to make an impression. Not meant for children to copy. But I'm thinking they don't need to be that big if it's for just 2 kids. Also one of the two volcano charts were no longer scientifically accurate. Wonder if you had left one out as well or made changes to it?

  3. Which volcano chart is no longer accurate?

    (and you really notice details!)

  4. Lol, Jessica. I spent 2 nights comparing your charts to my trainer's charts and remaking all of mine. That's why I had to look closely. I have 22.

    The one we were shown has two related to volcanos. One was "Unnumbered chart showing Pressure Inside the Earth". For the pressure of the earth presentation. The other was "Mountain Building:Volcanos" That first one had arrows pointing downward, as if the pressure of the water was on the earth.....It looks like yours combined the two. Anyways, ours was wrong (because the whole writeup was based on old beliefs that are not true). because the arrows should be pointing up. The pressure is inside going up....and that's why you get a crack eventually. :D Your chart looks so different from mine so I wasn't sure which presentation its for.