Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Working On Now...

This is a little of what I've been up to during the last few days...I mean weeks. Making Montessori Materials I feel is an endless job. This task isn't something that you can just check off your to-do list, and it is isn't always something that you can do by your own time line either. T requests a lesson, S is ready for the next step, D is needing something new...each child really dictates what I do, how I do it, and when I do it.

Being a near perfectionist, there are a lot of short-cuts that pretty much never occur to me. Most of the time it is 110% or the highway in my mind and this sometimes gets me into trouble. I end up stressing out about it all more and spending more time and money than was maybe really necessary. (See how I put that "maybe" in there? That is my inner Miss-Perfectionist talking.) So, while I am proud of the materials I produce, and while I am always conscious of the intent, crafting, and control of error (if there is one) I may not be as efficient as I could be.

One of the wonderful things I've found while making my own materials is that the process really brings me a lot closer to the curriculum, to the lessons, and to the intrinsic "why do I do this at all." I feel a deeper understand of how the lesson should be presented, and the reason for the lesson, after delving deep into the material and that almost makes it all almost worth it.

As each project is truly completed, I'll go into some more detail about how, what, and why I did it.
I made 32 + geography charts, all from the Keys of the Universe Albums. I started on this project before digital images were available to discussion board members. Now I am so glad that I can just print out the maps that we need. To save printer ink, and not time, I chose to copy all the other charts, and most working charts as well, and render each in watercolor. I did this partly for consistency, partly for the more natural look, and partly to learn the lessons better myself. The charts above are about the warm and cool coastal breezes in the daytime and at nighttime. 
The two charts above are about the earth and the layers of the atmosphere that insulate it from the cold outer space.
These charts are about glaciers and the physical geography they can leave behind.
These charts are about warm and cold climates. 

As we go through these geography lessons you'll see more of these charts at work. (Even after 32+ I am not finished with this project yet.) 
And then there are the pin maps. I'll delve deeper into this subject as I get closer to the end of making this material. For now, here is my start.

Stay tuned for more! We are always busy here, in so many ways!


  1. I love, love your art! Beautiful! You must be s super fast painter.

  2. Abbie - I am sending you a message on the KotU board - sometimes those notifications don't go through to e-mail, which is the ONLY reason I'm telling you here ;)

    You did a great job on the charts! In training, we received them all black and white and watercolored them all (some spots needed colored pencil just because of tiny detail) - I do like the look of them watercolored over other versions.


  3. Everything looks great! You'll be glad to be done! I think I'll have my pin maps finished and photographed sometime tomorrow. Phew! Hopefully I'll be giving the run down any day now.

    Did you print your charts just on printer paper? They didn't wrinkle up as the watercolors dried?

  4. Do you have these charts as printables?

    1. Yes I do have these charts as printables. But the files aren't mine to share. They are available on the Keys of the Universe Discussion Group Boards as a support doc for the geography album. Paid course participants can access the boards.

      If you are looking for the relief maps they are available for free here:
      I rescaled and cropped mine in Word.