Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wrapping up 2013

This will be probably the last "school update" I write for 2013. The latter half of week 16, we visited our old Montessori school, didn't do school at home, and T passed his orange belt test.

Here S is examining the turtles in T's old primary classroom. It was pajama day this day and all the kids were wrapping up their first semester with a little bit of free time.

D just couldn't wait for lunch time, so he had some of his lunch early.

The reason you don't see T, nor the rest of the class is because they are outside at this time. S was taking a break from the hubbub of her old primary class and hanging out with me in the *quite* empty class as I took some pictures.

I had the fast lens that day, not the wide angle. Sorry, but this is about what a small slice of the room looks like from the entryway.

T is warming up for his orange belt Taekwondo test. His splits are pretty outrageous.
 He is practicing his compass kicking here.
 They do a forms segment, a sparring segment, and a board breaking segment. You can see a very short video of his forms test below.

 All ready for some front snap kicks with his sparring gear on.
 Here he is doing board breaking using a hammer fist.
 Did it on his first try this time.
 *sigh* again blogger cramping the neck... the evening after testing they have a belt ceremony. Here T is receiving his orange belt.
 T is receiving his certificate of completion from the Grand Master with a handshake...
 and a bow.


  1. Congratulations on the orange belt! Legoboy is a red belt - almost tested for the blue belt a couple of weeks ago, but his master wants him to slow down a bit, wait until the next test. Tae-kwon-do has been so great for him :)

  2. I'll pass that congrats along to T! Thanks so much! T had asked and asked and asked for a year to start Taekwondo, and finally, now that we aren't paying for private school tuition, we enrolled him. He loves it! We are just at the beginning of the belt journey. But I am hopeful that it will help him develop a little bit of confidence in himself, in his abilities, and help him realize the power he has within him. He is such a nice boy, caring, giving, and will bend over for others. These are very nice qualities, but I would love him to understand that he has value because he is himself. (Of course that is him mom talking. I am sure he'll gain whatever it is that he wants to gain from Taekwondo or any other experiences he undertakes.) Thanks for the congrats! Merry Christmas!