Friday, December 13, 2013

Grammar Cards, an E-mail and a Refund

These are my redesigned cards.
I've been forced away from this space for a few days due to the ice storm and the secondary snow we all got earlier this week. It knocked out the power for only a tiny bit, but that power surge upon boot-up kicked out our cable/phone/internet connection. So Verizon was able to get to us 3 days later and now finally, I am on-line again.

During that time I did read e-mail on my teeny tiny little smart phone screen and found something of particular interest I'd like to share with anyone out there reading, who also happens to be interested in Montessori Elementary Grammar.

I ordered these wooden grammar boxes from Montessori Outlet. For the most part they are fine...only a couple of the lids were a tiny bit warped so that they don't fit perfectly. And I used my P-Touch label maker to code them all. They are sitting on my sideboard waiting to be filled. Can you hear them? "Fill me!"
A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Montessori Print Shop. They are a great shop that offers tons of quality printables for Montessorians like me, and I've bought far more from them than I'd like to divulge here.

Anyway, they said that they were writing to inform me that they had just finished a redesign of their Elementary Grammar Card materials. Apparently, over the past few months many of their customers had requested grammar materials that might not use so much printer ink. The original materials you can see in this post, and they included a solid color background which takes a lot of ink, and money to print out. And so the company complied and their more economical redesign has a nice colored border only and the rest of the card is white with black print text. (You can preview the new version here on their blog.)

The customer service representative also wrote to tell me that someone had pointed her to my blog, and that she was surprised to see that I had completely redone all the card material as well, to save ink. She also empathized that it was probably a very tedious task.

These again are my redesign. Montessori Print Shop's new design doesn't look like this.
She then told me that they had announced on their blog that they would give any individual who purchased the old grammar card layout an upgrade to the new layout for FREE! And seeing how I had already done the lay-out work before they had released their new version, she said she would give me a full refund for the Grammar Materials I had bought.

A couple of the sheets I need to cut, laminate, and cut again. Read that--doesn't include the other don't-remember-how-many-because-I-lost-count-after-17-hours-of-work sheets I already did.
So long story short, don't be like me. If you purchased any or all of the Elementary Grammar card materials from Montessori Print Shop before 12/10/13 in the traditional-full-color version, and you want the new redesign, you can e-mail the company and get the upgrade for free. No feet dragging though, the upgrade offer ends 12/31/13. Go to MPS's blog for more info!

Okay, now I sound like a commercial. But just know that you don't need to spend hours in a publishing program re-laying out hundreds of pages of grammar cards just to save a few bucks on printer ink!

Oh, and please also note that Montessori Print Shop's new redesign doesn't look like my cards. Even though I made my cards the same exact color, and the same size, I chose a different font and font size, and I also chose to use color text. MPS's cards include a colored border and black text.
These are the command cards I did NOT have to redesign. These are also included with the complete Montessori Elementary Grammar Card materials from Montessori Print Shop.

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