Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 8, October 7 - 9

This was a short week. We were going to go to the Shenandoah Mountains, but with the government shut-down, that trip was canceled. So, it is plan B which leaves me with a few hours to work on classroom stuff.
Geography project - 7 wonders of the world, or more like the 25 wonders of the world
Memory game of numbers

  Button Frame
 Stamp game - dynamic addition
 It's raining cats and dogs
 Science experiment time!
 Thank you H, for the gloves. T & S LOVE them!
 First iteration
 Want to do more!! And a second iteration. The iodine make starches turn blue-black. Non-starch foods will allow the iodine to stay brown. It has to do with the starch molecules forcing a change in the iodine molecules and the new molecules' different reaction to light, thus the color change.
 More experimentation - oxidizing fruits
 Vitamin C is our oxidizing inhibitor comparison
 After an hour, "those ones are under the vitamin D and they are still white, and those other ones turned rotten." "It's vitamin C, S." "Right, vitamin D."
 Observations from S's scientific journal
 Observations from T's scientific journal, though I think they are backwards.
 Dresses, vitamin C, hair bows, and lab safety goggles...very fashionable.
  MORE experiments.
Did this one independently...

 and more experiments, turned celery leaves blue.

 Tracing for penmanship practice (use baking parchment paper instead of tracing paper, and painters tape for low-tack adhesion
 Sponge transfer
 Knobless cylinder formation

 crossing out duplicates due to the commutative property of addition, and a little doodle between problems

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