Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 8 October 14, 2013

This week, there aren't as many pictures. We had a short week, and with a little revamping of our work plans, there were many more lessons that I couldn't shoot...because I was giving them. So you will not see, puzzle maps and learning the names of the countries in North America, Golden Bead work, Fraction work Geometry Cabinet work, knobbed cylinders, brown stairs, or Language work...
Sprouting alfalfa seeds with no soil - almost "sandwich size" I say!

Growing plants (a crocus bulb) in no soil

Stamp Game - dynamic subtraction

Stereognostic sorting

Tempra painting

Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting

A lot of frustration on T's part, but some absolutely wonderful and beautiful "mistakes" and "exploration of the medium"
 (The entire picture was created by a 7 year old hand.)

Eggs floating and sinking

T's recorded results

Short week- Preliminary Work Plan for S

Still interested in this sensory table

Sink and float activity

Not yet sandwich size...

Addition Strip Board - Making all combinations of 9

Setting the timer

Not liking the timer sound


Weeds, creeping Charlie, traveling ones, that are very, very, very hard to get rid of, from our back yard...great

Writing fractions

Invisible writing

The starchy paper untreated will react with the iodine tincture and turn blue/purple/black.
The iodine and vitamin c reaction doesn't turn color, and thus some of the paper will remain white

NOTE: we, I, didn't follow the instructions and originally put the entire experiment in an aluminum bowl...well S, got super mad because the starchy paper didn't react with the iodine. I later explained that this was because the iodine molecules had already been used by the aluminum in the bowl, catalyzed by water, and there wasn't any left to react with the starch in the can see a pretty impressive aluminum/iodine reaction here. She was only mildly impressed by this chemical reaction demonstration.

More starchy iodine testing...

"You are a real scientist S." *Huge smile from S.*

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