Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 4 September 16, 2013

 D Finger painting

Root shapes: conical, napiform, fusiform, and tuberous
Tracing root shapes
Painting root shapes
Cutting - though not using the cutting exercises in the classroom
Sand tray
Flower arranging

New flower bulb bed
Planting journal - tracking weather and transplanting schedule
Planting bulbs, narcissus and hyacinth, in a heat wave!
Transplanting already
"Green plants are happy plants, yellow plants are sad"

Marking our transplants
Planting seeds in soil

Making a galaxy

Crafting Saturn 
Watching the galaxy of stars swirling (or in this case, powder milk crystals swirl in blue colored water)

Neptune is 90 toilet paper squares away from the sun!

Why stars seem to shimmer
Fraction circles
Golden Bead work 
Object sounds
Pounding acorns

Timeline of Life

A tiny bit of water play on a very hot day...heat index 100+

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