Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 3 September 2, 2013

 Knobbless cylinders
Brown stair and Pink tower extensions


 After the previous photo
Sand tray - for penmanship
Small bead frame- math 

 Caterpillar find
Matching emergency vehicles 
Matching construction vehicles
Reading, reading, reading
Botany plant puzzle
Botany leaf cabinet, matching shapes
Hierarchy of numbers sensorial materials - unit, 10-bar, 100-square, 1,000 cube, 10,000 bar, 100,000 square, 1,000,000 cube
 Adding numeration symbols to physical quantity
S working on an art project

Dance of the elements chart from Maria Montessori's first Great Lesson, "God With No Hands." Teacher chart on left in watercolor, S's chart on the right in colored pencil
Checkerboard multiplication into the 100,000,000's
286,435 x 7,832 = REALLY???

More artwork
Stealing the checkerboard beads
Being cute

 Checking on the germination process - basil we think
 Planting more seeds; verbena and marigolds, and trying less moisture and less heat to get maybe less fungus and more germination
 Clay cars for an earthquake diorama
Clay volcano, painted and ready to blow
Reviewing the volcano videos, brother and sister, together, outside on a beautiful sunny day...
D Sorting Shapes - T & S examining a caterpillar outside

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