Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 6 September 23, 2013

Think we finally found the reason why seedlings weren't making it: capillary matting=too good,
 and, "the "green-stuff" [aka plant food] makes my plants sad." Quote by S.
Upgraded to a sand table
Toys OUT!!
D__ IN!!
Sometimes T and S get to play too...
Collecting leaf specimens
"T, your goggles are kinda low!"
"It's good to be a scientist." Quote by S.
Bands of leaf pigments
Fun crafting
Leaf impressions in clay
Yes, using the geometric cylinder solid
Making a flat piece of paper into a three dimensional shape that can carry other objects
T work plan
S work plan
Practicing addition facts
Snack time!
Tasting exercise
Smelling exercise
Match the nut and the bolt, use those tiny fingers and wrists to twist it on
A little pumpkin rolling
Yarn ghosts
Working together... 
Reading, ear phones help keep distractions at bay
Metal insets
Fertilizing my bulb garden with crushed egg shells
Snack for the plastic bugs
Using the classroom camera to document my work
New decanomial exercise, all the way to the Cube Tower
Decanomial - bead bars
Bead squares on the diagonal (ex: 1^2 = 1; 2^2 = 4 (green 2-bead square) 3^2 = 9 (pink 3-bead square); etc.)
AND a little commutative property of multiplication (ex: 1*2 = 2*1; 1*3 = 3*1; etc.) and swapping out bead bars to reflect that
Making more bead squares by grouping bead bars on the horizontal and the vertical
Well looky there, when you stack all the bead squares we made, they equal cubes in ascending order (1^3, 2^3, 3^3....10^3)
Squares exchanged for cubes and that is,
((1*(1+2+3...+10))+(2*(1+2+3...+10))+(3*(1+2+3...+10))+...+(10*(1+2+3...+10)))=1^3+2^3+3^3+...+10^3 Cool humn? 
Flower arranging
Going outside...but the door is locked
Writing letters to "Ginger Halaboji" - great grandfather
Brown Stairs 
Pin Map of Europe - Country names and country flags