Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 2 August 26, 2013

Color matching

Geometric solids

Leaf cabinet - shape matching

Alphabetization - ninjago names
Also did Heroica and Cars and Cars 2 and Chima...likely still going next week
Hundred Board

Grow light set-up, electrical up-top with timer (not shown) thanks to M
Growing horticubes, with seeds, capillary matting, repurposed salad bins, 3/4" bolt-nuts, and a little bit of water all on top of a heating mat and under a very warm 4T commercial grade grow light
Needed help "mixing" the grow-mix liquid plant food

Trinomial cube - sensorial

Sand tray for penmanship 

Washing windows, keeping the classroom clean-ish

Daily Calendar
Mapping houses and streets

Exploring Geometric Solids through clay-work, examining models, approximating solid figures and sculpting a cat, a plane, and a seal out of regular geometric solids

Fraction Skittles - Sensorial

Video- S narrating a story she is illustrating in her sand tray

Video - T narrating (and S helping)a story he is illustrating in his sand tray

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